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WeCannect provides Cultivators the ability to showcase their unique strains and connect directly with Dispensaries and Manufacturers of infused products. Cultivators can also discover Equipment, Supplies and Service providers to improve their business operations.


WeCannect provides Manufacturers the ability to showcase their entire product offering through videos and images and connect directly with hundreds of potential buyers. It’s the easiest way to get your product discovered and expand your sales network.


WeCannect provides Dispensaries the opportunity to discover new and trending strains and products from a variety of Cultivators and Manufacturers. Dispensaries can also use the platform to showcase high-quality images and videos, providing businesses with a virtual tour of their storefront.


Similar to an online showroom, WeCannect allows Equipment providers to showcase their products and network with qualified leads and prospective buyers from all verticals of the industry.


WeCannect offers Suppliers a way to discover new and emerging cannabis businesses and increase sales conversions with direct access to qualified leads.


Service providers can use WeCannect to discover companies from all verticals of the cannabis industry. Networking with these companies is a great way to develop meaningful business connections and generate new leads.


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